We invite you to enrich our professional and academic environment by sharing the abstract of your report, research or document.

The Abstract Submission will be available from 1 Jun until 1 Dec 2022.

Here you will find how to submit your work to EUROSON 2023, as well as all the information to help you through the process, from abstract submission to preparing your presentation at the conference.



Abstract submission guidelines


Abstracts for EUROSON 2023 should be submitted from 1 June 2023 until 1 December 2022.

Abstract Type

It is possible to submit an abstract for oral presentation or poster.

Abstract language and editing

All abstracts have to be submitted in English. Please make sure that your abstract is appropriately structured and checked for English spelling and grammar. By following all instructions, you ensure that our language and editing standards are met, thereby making your abstract reader-friendly. If you wish to edit or withdraw your abstract after the submission, please contact the abstract submission team at [email protected]

Case Reports

Case reports will not be accepted.


Title should contain Latin characters. Titles should all be lower cases except for the first letter of the title, acronyms, proper names or after colons.


It is mandatory to have at least 1 keyword.


The submitted abstract should be research in the ultrasound field, including multiparametric ultrasound features.


There should be all authors listed, but the abstract needs to be submitted by the presenting author. The presenter will receive all notifications and needs to participate in the congress.


Each abstract should consist of the following: actuality and aim, methods, results, conclusions and acknowledgements – all together containing 250 words.


It is possible to upload 3 images in JPG format no larger than 20 MB and 1 video in MP4 format not larger than 100 MB.

Decision Notifications

Decision notifications (acceptance or rejection) will be sent by email to the presenter in February 2023.

The material used (mandatory)

I affirm to the EUROSON 2023 organizers that my abstract does not contain unlawful material, as well it does not contain any material that invades the right of privacy or copyrights owned.

Patient privacy (mandatory)

I affirm that my abstract does not contain material revealing patient identity. If there is any chance that a patient can be identified, I confirm to have obtained written informed patient consent for use in this abstract.

Copyright and licenses (mandatory)

I affirm that I have the right to assign a license to my work.
I further affirm that if my work contains any material that has been previously published, I was entitled to use this material by applicable law or have obtained a transferable license from the copyright holder.
If my study is under evaluation/accepted/published in a scientific journal, I understand that I am advised to consult the respective editorial office regarding copyright and license issues. I also affirm that I will acknowledge in writing the interim (i.e. between abstract submission and congress presentation) acceptance/publication of the study in a scientific journal during my presentation at EUROSON 2023.

Co-authors’ agreement (mandatory)

If my abstract is submitted on behalf of co-authors, I warrant that I was given the authorization to represent the other co-authors (co-licensors) as listed in the author line of this abstract.

Presenter registration (mandatory)

I understand that the presenting author of each accepted abstract has to register for EUROSON 2023 to hold a presentation at the congress.

Abstract publication (mandatory)

I understand that if this abstract is accepted, it will be published in the EUROSON 2023 Book of Abstracts.