Hands-on sessions in pain management with the leading experts in the field!


Session with limited seats.  Pre-registration required.


Workshop in Pain management
Moderated by: Iveta Golubovska (LV) / Mihails Arons (LV)
Time: 11:00-12:45
Room: M

11:00-11:15Ultrasound-Guided lumbar facet nerve block and intraarticular injectionsEdgars Vasilevskis (LV)
11:15-11:30Ultrasound-Guided sacroiliac joint injectionIrina Evansa (LV)
11:30-11:45Shoulder BlocksIveta Golubovska (LV)
11:45-12:00Ultrasound-Guided denervation for chronic hip joint painMihails Arons (LV)
12:00-12:45Hands-onEdgars Vasilevskis (LV), Irina Evansa (LV), Iveta Golubovska (LV), Mihails Arons (LV)